amethyst trillion and diamond stud earrings 14K WG
madera citrine trillion earrings with diamond 14K WG
red garnet trillion diamond earrings 14K yg stud earrings

Trillion Gemstone Diamond Earrings - Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet

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Gold Trillion Gemstone Diamond Earrings with .06 ctw diamonds and 6mm Madera Citrines or 6mm Red Garnets or 6mm Amethysts in 14K White gold - Earrings Park City Utah.

14K WG Amethyst Trillion Gem Earrings with .06 ctw diamonds and 6 mm Amethyst - Stud Earrings.

14K WG Madera Citrine Trillion Gem Earrings with .06 ctw diamonds with 6mm Citrines - Stud Earrings

14K YG Red Garnet Trillion Gem Earrings with .06 ctw diamonds with 1.9 ctw Garnet - Stud Earrings.

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