Malachite Azurite blue topaz diamond earrings 14K white gold

Blue Topaz, Diamond and Malachite Azurite Earrings - 14K WG

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14K Gold Blue Topaz and Malachite Azurite Earrings with 2.82 ctw Blue Topaz and .12 ctw diamonds in 14K White gold - Earrings Park City Utah.

14K WG Blue Topaz Earrings with 2.82 ctw Blue Topaz and .12 ctw diamonds.  Stud Earrings

This item is a custom made "one of a kind” piece of jewelry and may not be available any longer.  Each piece was designed around a stone or gem. These pieces could be recreated with other stones, but never exactly duplicated.  Please call us for details and to check availability. 435-200-8098

Prices are subject to change due to market prices.