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Woodbury Jewelers - Staff and Owners

 WOODBURY JEWELERS designs and hand-makes, in house, almost all the pieces in our store.  Between Debbe, Sagan and Taylor, we create our distinctive designs, ones-of-a-kind, and custom pieces for the customer who wants something special and cutting edge.  After decades of working for others, we decided the best way to allow our creativity to flourish was to open our own store.  Whether it is re-purposing and redesigning your existing jewelry or fabricating an unusual art piece for you to wear, we cover all aspects of the creation.  Our master repair jewelers will meticulously bring your jewelry back to its original beauty.

Come see our store and discover the possibilities.




Jordan Woodbury is not only an owner, the store manager and GIA Trained, but a consummate gentleman.  His whole career has been involved in managing different jewelry departments and stores before finally owning his own place.  His calm professional demeanor will guide you through the sometimes confusing world of diamonds and vast selection of colored stones.  His sense of fairness and honesty is inherent.  Come in and meet Jordan.  Start trusting your jeweler again.




Born in the midwest, she didn't start to actually live until she moved out West.  Trained as a sculptor, it was an easy transition to jewelry with all the beautiful colors and audacious applications.  A firm believer in recycling the cherished memories of old, debbe loves revamping "grandma's" pieces into something new and vibrant (she refers to her creations as "wearable art").  With her love of unique color combinations and ability to combine "things that don't go together", debbe enjoys creating ones of a kind and crazy stock pieces.