Woodbury Jewelers - Custom Pendant Gallary

Custom Designed Pendants by Woodbury Jewelers

Our Distinctive Designs are "One-of-a-kind" jewelry pieces.  Each piece was designed around a stone or gem.  These pieces could be recreated with other stones, but never exactly duplicated.  Please call us for details  435-200-8098.


  Agate and Nigerian Tourmaline Pendant

Agate Inlay with 5.6 ctw Nigerian Tourmaline and .09 ctw diamonds in 14K White gold,

Agate is a form of chalsedony.  Agate is 6.5 - 7 on Mohs scale of Minerals.  Chlasedony can show an amazing variety of colors and patterns and were a treasured gem of the ancient world used for carvings and seals.  No two agates are the same.

Tourmaline is termed one of the most colorful and diverse of all gems.  Tourmaline is the birthstone for October and the gift idea for the 8th anniversary.  Tourmaline has many varieties including Rubellite, Indocolite, Pariba, Verdilite, Dravite and bi and tri colored stones including watermelon tourmaline.  Tourmaline is a 7 - 7.5 on Mohs scale of Minerals.


Amethyst and Diamond Pendant

10.8 ctw Amethyst and .32 ctw diamonds in 14K White and Yellow gold.

Amethyst, the birthstone for February and gift idea for the 1st and 6th anniversary is purple quartz.  It is the most highly prized of the quartz family.  Amethyst has a hardness of 7 on Mohs scale of Minerals.