Peridot and Spinel - Birthstone for August

Peridot - Birthstone for August 

The green color of Peridot ranges from a yellowish green to a deep olive green.  Anciently, Peridot was called the Gem of the Sun in Egypt, Pele's tears in Hawaii and Evening Emerald by the Romans.  Peridot is a 6.5 on Moh's scale and is found in rocks created by volcanoes and in meteors.

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We love using peridot paired with other stones and gemstones.

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Spinel - Birthstone for August

Spinel is treasured for its brilliance and hardness (an 8 on Moh's Scale)  Red Spinels are often mistaken for Rubies.  Spinels come in blue, yellow and shades of pink and purple and are known for a wide range of brilliant colors.

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