October Birthstone Jewelry - Tourmaline and Opal

We love using colored gemstones in our jewelry.  The birthstones for October are Tourmaline and Opal. 

Opal is often referred to as the Queen of Gems.  It is a 6 on Mohs scale.  Opal comes in several varieties:  White with vibrant pastel flashes, Black with dramatic color play, Boulder with swimming color, Fire or Mexican with yellow, orange or red body.

opal inlay blue topaz and peridot necklace opal jewelry opal diamond necklace opal jewelry

Opal Doublet Inlay in Necklaces

opal doublet inly peridot diamond earrings  opal doublet peridot diamond earrings

Opal Doublet Inlay in Earrings

opal doublet ring with blue topaz opal doublet ring with peridot

Opal Doublet Inlay in Rings

fire opal necklace heart fire agate opal and orange sapphire necklace

Fire Agate Necklaces

 fire agate citrine ring 

Fire Agate Opal in Rings