February Birthstone - Amethyst

Amethyst - Birthstone for February and the most highly prized of the quartz family.

amethyst ring gold amethyst ring amethyst diamond pendant amethyst jewelry


Amethyst is a beautiful stone to pair with other gemstones or stone inlay:

Amethyst and Sugalite 

sugalite amethyst pendant amethyst jewelry inlay jewelry Amethyst and sugalite diamond ring amethyst jewelry

Amethyst and Cobalto Calcite and Amethyst and Tiffany Stone

 amethyst cobalto calcite diamond earrings amethyst jewelryamethyst tiffany stone inlay pendant amethyst jewelry

Amethyst and Jasper earrings and Amethyst with Demantoid garnet diamond earrings

Amethyst Jasper inlay earrings amethyst jewelry amethyst demantoid garnet gold earrings amethyst jewelry


Amethyst and Diamonds

amethyst diamond pendant amethyst jewelry amethyst diamond pendant amethyst jewelry