April Birthstone - Diamond

April Birthstone - Diamond

We love to use diamonds in our jewelry.  We choose only high quality "Mele" or small accent diamonds.  Diamonds are clear white in most cases, but are also available in golden or yellow, pink, blue, green, champagne, cognac, chocolate or black.


Colored Diamond Center Stone with Diamonds - Black and white diamond Bee Necklace

colored diamond ring by woodbury jewelers diamond bee necklace


Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings

diamond wedding engagement ring diamond engagement wedding ring


diamond solitaire engagement ring wedding jewelry diamond engagement and wedding band ring
Diamond Anniversary Bands
diamond anniversary bands diamond anniversary bands
Diamond Fashion Rings and Necklaces
diamond swirl ring diamond swirl necklace
diamond circle necklace  diamond branch ring 
Diamond Wild Life Jewelry
diamond moose necklace diamond bear necklace
Diamond Sky Jewelry
diamond sun necklace diamond north star necklace
Diamond Mountain and Snowflake Jewelry
diamond mountain snowflake bracelet diamond snowflake necklace
diamond mountain necklace